The beat-em-up trip Principle

In this version, I've added a new one (and a half) stage. I've been studying games such Double Dragon, Final Fight, Golden Axe and TMNT and been asking myself what might been turned those games into so great as they were and realized that wasn't just the playability. In my first release I had based one design linear horizontal-oriented scroll. But when the demo #1 has been finished, I wondered how boring the whole game going to came if all the rest of them were that way.

So, watching closely to those games, I've extract important observations that have started to guide me:

  • What made people spent so many coins in Final Fight machines wasn't just the playbility, but the feeling of journey. In Final Fight you are, in fact, traveling. You cross an alley, take the subway and proceed to the next stage. The curiosity guides the player. Until today I think of the subway stages gourgeous! In my childhood, It took a lot of time until the image of it fade way from my mind... It's sounds very well-design e drawn (probably because of I have been loved in everything that had to do with railroad, when I was a kid). So, since the first stage has been ended in a train station, I decided to go on from that point (and also because I had given that  indication in the final screen.)
  • I've observed a lot Renegate. The majority of version that I could. Besides of been simple, each programmer tried to give their best in adaptation. And the train station animation (in some of them you had to entering on them) have provoked me to provides some funny animation as well. And, once a regular train station doesn't use to be an environment with much colors ans living creatures, I had to inprovised to turned it into some more interesting.
  • It's good breaking the flow of stage. That I've learnt seeing Final Fight transitions. That increase the feeling of trip. You can see this also in Double Dragon, however, not in the same way. Sometimes, Double Dragon plays of adventure game. But the main principle of Double Dragon was breaking the bindings with Renegate, that had all stages organized in rooms. The stages pass connected among them, like a single trip. I didn't do it, but realize the mechanic made me do not be glad with the original structure of the first stage. I had to change the things. So, I've increased the space and created the corridor. The elevator and the wall that has been crashed to reveal a strong enemy also was inspired by Double Dragon and was very funny to do.
  • There a game that I consider a master piece in therms of scenarios and limited resources available: it's the Sega Master System version of Vigilante. That caused such an impact on me in my childhood and, as much as the subway station of Final Fight, inspired me even nowadays. The junk yard, the effects of sunset here and there, the stores... everything so well-made! Studying it made me realize that I don't have to project every single stage to be an open-scenario. So, I created the corridor in th meadle of the second stage. However, that was just a little experience, I intend to do it more in the third one, that is going to be inside of the train. And I enjoy the opportunity to tribute another favorite of my games that time that is Shinobi.

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Nov 03, 2019

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